Your business. Your future. Our focus.

No one can predict the future of the real estate and construction sector, but you can prepare your business for the best possible outcomes, while capitalizing on opportunities.

Strengthen business processes, experiences and security

Digital Services

No matter where you are on your digital journey, it’s never too early to innovate. From meeting fast-changing customer demands to streamlining operations and being cyber prepared, being driven by the right digital strategy and fueled by the right technology is critical to helping you get ahead – and stay ahead.

MNP’s Digital Services team can help you:

  • Enhance profits by improving the Digital Maturity of your business platforms while improving your customer and employee experience.
  • Ensure proactive cyber preparedness and security in this everchanging world of cyber threats – protecting your brand and intellectual property is an existential necessity today.
  • Build actionable insights from your data spread across your business systems and collaborating partners (e.g. subtrades) that give you the undue competitive advantage you need to compete and thrive.
  • Build value and strengthen your bottom line using Digital Tools


Maximize your tax strategies and succeed at succession

Tax and Succession Services

Aligning your tax and succession strategies helps you minimize your tax exposure while ensuring you capitalize on opportunities and exit your business on your terms.

MNP’s Tax and Succession Solutions can help you:

  • Retain employees with the right tax and succession strategies
  • Identify tax and succession pitfalls to avoid
  • Secure a successful future with short- and long-term succession strategies

Enhance your business performance and product / service delivery

Consulting Services

Whether you are contending with rising costs for materials, supply chain challenges, seeking to streamline operations, or have a desire for better results, we help you succeed.

MNP’s Consulting Solutions helps you:

  • Increase shareholder value, manage a merger or acquisition pre- and post-integration, grow revenue and enhance customer service
  • Improve performance and deliver best practice strategies for operational excellence
  • Transform your supply chain so your organization can be more effective

Save time by simplifying your bookkeeping and cloud accounting needs

ease BookKeeping and Cloud Accounting Services

Whether you are challenged with reconciling your accounts and managing invoices, to payroll and business modelling, get the power of industry-leading financial software and the commitment of a dedicated MNP advisor.

MNP’s ease Bookkeeping and Cloud Accounting Services helps you with:

  • Accounts receivable: Takes your sales information to quickly generate and send invoices
  • Accounts payable: Gives you peace of mind by tracking your payments and alerting you to what is outstanding
  • Real-time financials: Get up-to-date and accurate financial records.
  • Planning ahead: Put your new perspective into action with the support of an MNP business advisor